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My Motion Graphics Showreel highlights the breadth of different styles I've brought to life in logos, title cards, graphical user interfaces, and more. Further details on each project and client are below, in the order of first appearance.

The Day Of (2017)

Client: Faroukh Virani

Animated main title card, parodying aesthetics of 'The Night Of' television series.

Centric Capital Advisors Logo (2017)

Client: Centric Capital Advisors, Imaginography

Animated logo.

Lip Sync Battle (2017)

Client: Spike TV

Animated title card and transition. (2016)


Animated commercial.

Brands Roundup (2016)

Client: Brand Sense Partners

Animated title cards.

Sex(Ed) The Movie (2014)

Client: Brenda Goodman Productions

Animated informational title cards and end credits.

Wini and George (2013)

Client: Ben Monie

Static filmic main title card and end credits.

Penny Arcade (2012)

Client: Karl Steig, Andy Dulman

Animated DVD menus.

Seven Days (2013)

Client: Francisco Cortez, Richard Lister

Animated end credits.

Love Abridged (2013)

Client: Francisco Cortez

Animated main title card and end credits.

Star Wars: The Path of Freedom (2016)

Client: David Shipko

Animated main title card and end credits.

My Mother's Jade (2012)

Client: Irene Young

Animated main title card and end credits.

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